Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/21/09 Kinetic Molecular Theory

Link to pic page with KMT.

Friday is the big MOLE DAY presentation. We will go to the auditorium during 4th block and there will be an extravaganza of demonstrations featuring, super cold, liquid Nitrogen. Parents are invited.
Today we:
  • Continued notes on vapor pressure and Kinetic Molecular Theory.
  • Redid a demo on how to change the boiling point of liquids.
  • Took and reviewed a quiz, shown below: 1.When pressure decreases, what happens to the BP of water?
    2.What is it called when a solid changes directly to a gas?
    3.& 4 How much energy does it take to heat up 50 mL of water by 15°C?
    5.& 6 How much energy does it take to melt up 80 mL of water?
    Show all work for above problems

Coming up:

Complete lab report. This will be due on Wednesday, 10/21.

Students need to complete one project each month. The current project is the first of two choices. If both are completed, it will count as extra credit. Click here to see the project.