Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4/09 Explore Castlelearning

Test: We will have a test on Thursday, 11/5. This will primarily be on material from the Matter & Energy unit.

I have set up classes for the website. Students may go there to review for tests and as study guides. Students will have to log in with "averillpark.studentid" where studentid is their id number in 9 digit format, with leading zeros, if needed. The first time students log in they will be prompted to set up a password. I have set up a review test.

Today we:
  • Continued with notes from the unit on atomic structure.
  • Dis some stoichiometry practice questions and handed out a worksheet.
  • Collected the elements and ions lab reports.
Coming up:
  • Continue with the notes on Atomic structure.
  • More practice stoichiometry problems.
  • Review the notes.
  • Study for the test.

Students need to complete one project each month. The current project is the second of two choices. If both are completed, it will count as extra credit. If you weren't one of the six students that did the last project, you need to complete this one. Click here to see the project.