Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/09 Nucleus & Flame Test lab

This graphic is from the Particle Adventure. This is an outstanding site for delving into the nucleus.

This week we talked about atomic structure. Specifically, we discussed Lewis dot diagrams, electron energy levels, orbitals, ground and excited states, the EM spectrum and properties of waves.

I collected the Spectroscopy lab report.
We did the Flame Test lab. The report is due on Friday, 11/20.

We will have a test on Friday, 11/20.

Coming up
  • We will do the Flame test lab.
  • We will continue the Nucleus unit. The material from this unit will not be on the test this Friday.
  • The Flame Test lab report is due on Wednesday, 11/18.
  • Study for the test.

Students need to complete one project each month. The current project is the first of two choices. If both are completed, it will count as extra credit. Click here to see the project.
Note pages from the complete PowerPoint can be found here: 2 slides per page in color or 6 slides per page in black & white.