Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11/24/09 Alpha & Beta Radiation and Nuclear equations

Tests were returned. There is a makeup test available for the test we took on 11/20. To sign up you need to log onto the castlelearning.com website. Students may go there to review for tests and as study guides. Students will have to log in with "averillpark.studentid" where studentid is their id number in 9 digit format, with leading zeros, if needed. The first time students log in they will be prompted to set up a password. Follow the instructions to enter a password.

You have until Wednesday 12/2 to complete the makeup test. If you get an 80% or higher, on the combined two parts, I will average the makeup and your original test for a grade. If you do not get at least 80% your original test score will stand.

If you have difficulty logging on or any other difficulties you can email me at aphsbio at gmail.com.