Monday, February 15, 2010

2/14/10 Math of Chem

The grades have been posted to Edline.

The makeup test is available on

The next project is due by midnight Sunday, 2/21. Remember that you need at least one project out of every two. If you do both projects one will count for extra credit. If you want to get extra credit you need to do this project. Click here to see the project.

Notes for the current unit, Splutions, will be available in several formats:
  • 2 slides per page in color, large format for viewing
  • 6 slides per page in black & white, for economical printing
  • 3 slides per page in black & white with room for notes on one side.
  • The entire PowerPoint presentation with media included and a viewer in compressed (approx *MB) format.
  • Link to a textbook for the current unit on solutions.
  • Notes and worksheets for solutions.