Thursday, October 10, 2013

Matter & Energy Quiz

Directions: You may need to use the reference tables to determine some values

and formulas. All work including formulas and substitution needs to be shown for any calculations.  The final answer should be rounded to the correct significant figures.  SHOW YOUR WORK.

Convert the following temperatures.
1.  50.o C =   ___________K         
2. melting point Hg= ____________ K  =   ___________oC

3.   Which of the following samples has the lowest average kinetic energy? (circle)

a.       5g Fe(s) at 5 K    

b.       10g Cu(s) at 0oC     

c.       1g Co(s) at 273K 

d.       50g Al(s) at  100oC

4.   What is the total amount of heat absorbed by 100. grams of water when the 

      temperature changes from 16.0oC to 20.0oC?

5.  Assuming the energy released into the water in question 4 originated from a  

    15.0g sample of sodium acetate as it crystallizes, what is the experimental  

     heat of crystallization (Hc) for sodium acetate?