Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/10 End of year schedule

  • On Tuesday May 25, we will take out final unit test on Acids & Bases. A makeup will be posted on Castle Learning .
  • On Monday and Tuesday June 7 & 8, we will take a class final test. This will include material from the entire year. It will count as a test grade for the fourth quarter. Additionally, it can count as a makeup for the midterm. If students score higher on this test than the midterm test, I will replace their midterm score with this one. There will be no makeup for this test.
  • The Regents test is on Wednesday June 16 at noon.
Students that have to make up labs can use search for the actual labs in the lab books in order to make up any missing lab reports. All lab reports must be turned in by June 1 and be satisfactorily done to be eligible for the Regents test. I have calculated that students may be missing up to 4 labs and still have enough lab time to take the test. Students have been notified in class as to which labs they are missing.