Saturday, March 27, 2010

3/26/10 Makeup test & Worksheet

There is a makeup test available on Castle learning. The name of the test is "Makeup K&E". To earn extra credit you have to score an 80% or above and then I will average the score with you in class unit test score if it improves your grade. This makeup must be completed by midnight Sunday 4/4.

Students will have to log in with "averillpark.studentid" where studentid is their id number in 9 digit format, with leading zeros, if needed. The first time students log in they will be prompted to set up a password. Follow the instructions to enter a password. If you have forgotten your password you must notify me and I will reset your password.

There is also a worksheet on organic chemistry posted. This is an assignment. you should complete this before we return to school after our spring break. It will be graded. You will get full credit for a second try. It will count as a ? score.