Monday, September 21, 2009

9/21/09 Properties of Matter

Today in class:

  • We finished unit 1 Introduction. The notes for this unit and all future units will be available, online. I will have it in three formats. Click the links to get each format:
    • 2 slides per page, in color
    • 6 slides per page, grayscale
    • The entire PowerPoint presentation, with all media. This is in compressed (zip) format. You will have to unzip the file. Many computer operating systems do this automatically. If you have difficulty you can download one of the many free programs to do this, search for unzip. This file includes a file to allow you to view the program, even if you don’t own PowerPoint. If you have any questions, ask, I will try to help you through it.
  • Collected the lab that was due.
  • Continued with notes from the next unit, Periodic Table.
Coming up we will:
  • Continue the unit on the Periodic table.
  • There is a unit test scheduled for Friday.

I strongly suggest students work the sheets from the packet below. Please read and work the sheets appropriate for what we have covered. Additional sheets were added.

The worksheet packet is now online. The pages are as follows:
1-3 Significant figures
4 Accuracy & precision
5-6 Physical & chemical changes
7-10 Measurement & Significant figures
11 Classification of matter
12 Pure substances
13 Mixtures
14 Crossword - Building blocks of matter
15 Properties of matter
16-17 Worksheet - Properties of matter
18 Metric system
19 Lab equipment
20 Worksheet - % error
21 Worksheet - Significant figures
22 Worksheet - Dimensional analysis
23 Worksheet - Significant figures
24 - 25 Worksheet - Properties of matter
26 Periodic table
27 - 28 Worksheet & Properties of matter flow diagrams
29 Worksheet -Elements, compounds & mixtures
30 Test one unit outline
31 Worksheet measurement
32 Worksheet - dimensional analysis
33 Worksheet - math overview
34 Worksheet- Properties of matter